Motorola launches MOTORIZR Z8 multimedia handset

Motorola recently launched its MOTORIZR Z8 handset, enabling users to receive mobile TV, video and music on one device. One of the world’s first kick slider handsets, the phone, which includes an 8X camera with video record and playback capabilities, is expected to be available this month in Europe and Asia.

MOTORIZR Z8 features video capture and playback at 30fps, up to 32GB of expandable memory, a 512MB memory card pre-loaded with the full-length feature film “The Bourne Identity” and approximately 80MB of free internal user memory, with optional expandable memory up to 32GB with a high-density microSD memory card, enabling users to store approximately 12 full-length motion picturesor 70 hours of music.

Users can access mobile content services from BSkyB directly from their handset, such as Sky’s on-demand library of news, entertainment and sports programming. Also included is Sky’s “Anytime” application, which provides an access point to a range of live mobile TV services, including more than 30 TV channels.

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