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Monroe Electronics Upgrades, Rebrands Custom Messaging Software

LYNDONVILLE, N.Y.—Emergency communications system and video services providers Monroe Electronics and its Digital Alert Systems subsidiary are changing up its Custom Message Plus software. A rebrand to Custom Message Pro and an upgrade that features a new interface have been officially announced.

Custom Message Pro is an optional add-on to Monroe’s One-Net and DASDEC emergency messaging platforms designed to allow users to secure access to a specific screen to create detailed, customized audio/video messages for processing by downstream equipment, including other Emergency Alert Systems. It also accommodates multiple forms of emergency messaging through One-Net and DASDEC video and audio capabilities.

One of the new features for the upgraded Custom Message Pro is the ability to access and distribute outside messages. Users can also now store message contents and display parameters as named templates. Stored templates can be recalled and modified, then saved as something new; a general-purpose input or contact closure to up to 32 templates can be assigned. There is also a new ability to link a message to an audio file or derive the audio from Custom Message Pro’s text-to-speech engine.

Custom Message Pro is available as an add-on to any upgrade for DASDEC and One-Net customers with v3.1 software or for customers with Custom Message Plus and v3.1 software.