Mobile TV to take center stage at NAB2006

The coming wave of television service for mobile phones is likely to usher in a new stream of revenue opportunities for content owners and service providers. The exact shape and scope however is still unclear.

At NAB2006, the MoTV: Mobile Video & TV Forum is intended to shed some light on how the future may shape up for these emerging services. The April 25 forum will offer several sessions, presentations and addresses. These will include:

  • Mobile Video: Opportunities and Obstacles, with participation from Michael Stroud, co-founder of iHollywood Forum; ABC Entertainment senior vice president Bruce Gersh; TBS vice president Bob Schukau; Nokia global vice president Mark Selby. The session will explore how TV and video can be monetized; the best delivery mechanism; and how long consumers will spend watching.
  • Keynote Salil Dalvi, vice president, Wireless Platforms, NBC Mobile.
  • The Race to Broadcast TV to Mobile Phones, with participants Ryan Hughes, Verizon; Ian Blaine, the Platform; Chris Gilbert, IPWireless; Phil McKinney, Hewlett Packard; Daniel Scalis, WNI Network; and Omar Javaid, QUALCOMM MediaFLO.
  • Killer Content with participants Julie Ask, Jupiter Research; Joey Carson, Burnim/Murray Productions; Roger Jackson,; Troy Snyder, None Systems.
  • SMS, Games, Visual Radio, Mobile Radio and Other Ancillary Revenue Opportunities for Broadcasters with moderator Laura Behrens of Gartner Group.
  • Mobile Video Marketing for Entertainment Brands with participants Richard Bennett, SmartVideo; Phillip Avelda, MobiTV; Keith Hindle, FremantleMedia.

The MoTV forum will be presented in S219 of the Las Vegas Convention Center.

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