Mo-Sys Crafts StarTracker Sports Studio Virtual Production System

Mo-Sys StarTracker Sports Studio
(Image credit: Mo-Sys)

LONDON—Mo-Sys Engineering and Hyper Studios have teamed up to create the StarTracker Sports Studio, a virtual production system with data-driven sports graphics.

Virtual studios and augmented reality are becoming more common with sports broadcasters. Now, they often seek to integrate data-driven graphics inside the virtual studio for effects like appearing inside a virtual monitor or synchronizing to an AR animation.

StarTracker Sports Studio combines Epic Games Unreal Engine, capable of generating moving camera virtual studios, AR and extended reality, with an HTML sports graphic system. This enables in-context design of photo-realistic virtual graphics with data-driven sports graphics, per Mo-Sys.

Mo-Sys will make StarTracker Sports Studio available for order on April 2. For more information, visit (opens in new tab)