MITEQ offers satellite test translators

MITEQ has announced a new series of test translators, designed to translate the C-, X-, Ku- and Ka-band satellite communications frequency transmissions to their respective receive bands. The series is available in single- to quad-band configurations. All translators are built in convenient suitcase-style cases for easy transport. A variety of features includes high frequency stability, minimum amplitude and delay distortion, and low phase noise contribution

MITEQ is also now offering new Ku-band communication upconverters. The 9900 Series communication upconverter covers the 13.75-14.8GHz bands and provides L-band monitor output, which is ideal for ENG/SNG and video broadcasting applications. It enables the operator to monitor the uplink signal using an L-band receiver or spectrum analyzer.
A new feature set of monitor and control functions supports powerful local and remote control. Among the features are control of frequency, attenuation and 64 memory locations for each converter where various setups can be stored and recalled.

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