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Miranda’s Nvision signal routing system NEW YORK—WNJU (Telemundo 47) is a full-power DTV station owned by NBC Universal that serves the Hispanic community in the greater New York area.

We recently completed a major, facilitywide upgrade to our New Jersey studio for full high-definition, with new technology that will allow us to more efficiently manage our content for multiplatform delivery. It’s important to note that this was no patchwork upgrade, but rather a complete rebuild that included a core router, infrastructure and monitoring.

When searching for a partner with the expertise to take on this project, it soon became apparent that we didn’t need to look any further than Miranda Technologies.

Miranda quickly established itself as a key player in our renovation project and was integral to the design and buildout of the new facility. Miranda’s Nvision 8280 router frame became the centerpiece of our operation and provided a core for the multifunction integration, providing interconnectivity for the entire facility, including multiviewers, signal processors, master control switchers and production switchers.

We wanted a robust and dependable router that had a proven reputation for resilience and signal integrity, and we certainly got that and more with the 8280. What I find remarkable is that all of those benefits are contained in such a tightly integrated form factor. In any broadcast facility, every square foot of floor space comes with an associated cost, and in today’s economy, it behooves us all to try to do more with less. The space-saving efficiency of 8280 allowed us to do away with the multiple equipment racks typically required by legacy routing systems.

And it’s not just the compact size of the Nvision 8280 that reduces costs. Its streamlined signal management, integrated audio processing and simplified control system provide powerful efficiencies without compromising on the ability to integrate with other systems in our facility.

In addition to the 8280 router platform, we also installed other Miranda gear in connection with our HD makeover, including a number of Densité 3 frames, each populated with cascaded Kaleido modular cards for feeding our main control room monitoring. This allowed us to increase the picture count per monitor without affecting image quality or processing speed, and provided our operators with complete visibility of signals within our facility.

As Telemundo’s flagship station, this television plant HD upgrade has been very visible in practical, economic and business terms, and also to our viewers in the greater New York area and across the entire the Telemundo network. The project was “pain-free” from start to finish and the fact that everything fit together so well and works so beautifully provides a great deal of testimony to Miranda’s robust technology, the full understanding of their personnel in connection with our project, and their support in taking us where we really need to be.

Lenny Stote is director of technology and operations at WNJU-TV Telemundo 47 and can be contacted

For additional information, contact Miranda at 530-265-1000 or visit