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Miranda rolls out lip-sync probe

Miranda Technologies has rolled out a lip-sync probe module, the Densité HLP-1801, which performs automated detection of video and audio synchronization errors.

The lip-sync probe integrates tightly with Miranda’s Kaleido multiviewers and iControl facility monitoring to create highly effective, low operating cost monitoring systems. These systems combine electronic monitoring with Monitoring by Exception to enable a single operator to monitor many more channels simultaneously.

The Densité HLP-1801 module features two HD/SD inputs for the reference and probed signals, and is accurate to +/-1ms. It supports 16 channels of embedded audio on each input signal. In addition to lip-sync detection, it also performs video and audio presence detection. As with other Densité products, an easy-to-use software utility allows each video and audio channel to be fine-tuned with the correct alarm parameters to match the requirements of the given air chain.

The HLP-1801 is compatible with both Densité-2 and Densité-3 frames, and up to 20 modules can be fitted within the Densité-3 frame. The probes can be housed alongside any other interface in the comprehensive Densité range, which includes more than 70 modules across all essential interfacing tasks, and all important signal formats.