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Miller Camera Support Releases Solo-Q Tripod

Miller Camera Support Solo-Q
(Image credit: Miller Camera Support)

SYDNEY—Miller Camera Support Equipment has announced the launch of the Solo-Q, featuring the company’s new Q-lock technology, the new version of its Solo brand of tripods.

Solo-Q is a professional tripod that can be used either in the studio or on location. The new Q-lock is a patented technology that enables fast unlocking or locking of the tripod. Pressing the Q-lock will drop down all of the tripod legs completely, provided the legs are loosened. When finishing a shot, the Q-lock will automatically latch on the legs when being put away.

The design also features a new leg angle control with a safety lock that Miller says eliminates the need for a spreader. Each leg also has height markings and can be tightened with a quarter turn of the Rapid locks.

Miller’s Solo-Q series will consist of two 75mm bowl tripods (Solo-Q 75 2-STG Tripod CF and Solo-Q 75 -3-STG Tripod CF) and two 100mm bowl tripods (Solo-Q 100 2-STG Tripod CF and Solo-Q 100 3-STG Tripod CF).

Miller is now shipping the Solo-Q tripods. For more information, visit