MediaSilo offering new class of hybrid cloud/ground solutions

MediaSilo, a provider of cloud-based media workflow and collaboration solutions, has announced that it is partnering with key systems integrators (SIs) to launch hybrid solutions giving enterprise customers anywhere, anytime access to content stored in their ground-based SAN, NAS, or MAM media repositories.

The first of these hybrid solutions is the server appliance Ubiquity. Developed by media SI XPlatform Consulting, Ubiquity enables users to perform a single federated search across multiple SAN, NAS or MAM systems and facilitates hybrid ground/cloud workflows for capturing, transcoding, and reviewing media assets.

Ubiquity is a workflow orchestration and automation platform that seamlessly integrates the MediaSilo cloud service with leading digital asset management, video encoding, cloud storage, CDN, and digital file delivery technologies. With Ubiquity, media companies can catalog multiple components of ground media storage including NAS systems, SANs, or MAM systems and then live-sync these repositories to the MediaSilo cloud. MediaSilo automatically stores metadata and low-res proxy versions of the full-resolution content stored on the ground, making it easy for media professionals at any location to browse the content they're looking for simply by logging onto the MediaSilo interface.

Through Ubiquity's business process management (BPM) features, XPlatform can create custom workflows that integrate multiple vendor technologies such as transcoding and accelerated file transfer. One instance would be an on-location dailies workflow that automatically ingests content, generates high-quality proxies, and uploads the proxies to MediaSilo to enable people at remote locations to review the dailies. Many manual steps are eliminated, and the review workflow is accelerated through ubiquitous access to the content, giving media companies immediate and transparent awareness of their available media assets, wherever they originate and wherever they're stored.

Ubiquity is the first in a series of third-party solutions that will integrate with the MediaSilo cloud system to give media enterprises a new level of transparency, access, and control over their global content workflows. More information about MediaSilo solutions is available.