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Maxim multimode TV tuner supports T-DMB, ISDB-T, DAB

Maxim Integrated Products has just released the MAX2169, a multimode silicon tuner for mobile TV that receives signals in the FM, VHF-III, UHF, and L-band spectrums, making it ideal for multimode applications that need to receive both mobile TV and audio broadcasts.

On-chip tracking filters, low-pass filters and LNAs eliminate the need for expensive external components, saving space and cost. The IC operates in either zero-IF (ZIF) mode for DVB-H and ISDB-T or in low-IF mode for DAB and T-DMB.

The MAX2169 operates from a single 2.7V supply and consumes only 130mW when receiving ISDB-T 13-segment signals. Power consumption in L-band mode is a low 110mW. It is fully specified over the below 40 degrees Celsius to 85 degrees Celsius extended temperature range.

Available in a small, 6mm by 6mm, 40-pin TQFN package, the compact multiband MAX2169 is ideal for mobile multimedia applications such as cell phones, portable music players and USB sticks.