Maxell Introduces LTO Ultrium 6 Data Cartridge with 6.25 TB Capacity

WOODLAND PARK, N.J.—Maxell Corp. of America has rolled out its LTO Ultrium 6 data cartridge. The data storage and backup media manufacturer says the cartridge has a compressed tape drive transfer rate of 400 MB/sec and maximum storage capacity of up to 6.25 TB, to address the need for cost- and energy-efficient, reliable media solutions for professional broadcast and video applications.

“Users can rest assured that the linear tape file system continues to ensure quick and easy access to files, and can remain confident of the compatibility and interchangeability between Maxell LTO Ultrium media, and all brands of Ultrium drives and media,” said Pat Byrne, a senior marketing manager for Maxell.

LTO 6 features Write Once, Read Many functionality and advanced encryption capabilities, intended for backup and archival applications requiring high security, such as legal and medical records and financial data that must comply with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. It also incorporates a linear tape file system, which lowers energy consumption and reduces storage media costs.

The incorporation of Maxell’s Neo Super Maximum-Capacity Advanced Reliability Tape technology means that ultra-fine ceramic-armored metal particles with high energy and superior recording performance augment the LTO 6 capacity and add protection from corrosion. Accurate servo writing technologies also ensure stable servo characteristics and tracking reliability, corresponding to increased data track density.

Maxell also developed dispersion and calendaring processes that improve read/write performance and ensure high output and enhanced stability. Improved durability and stability are further enhanced by lubricant control and filler uniformity developed for the head/tape interface.

NeoSMART utilizes a basefilm with superior dimensional stability to ensure reliability and durability for high-density recording and playback, as well as archival storage. It also has a uniform, ultra-thin sub-micron coating and advanced calendaring processes to achieve high output and enhanced stability for read/write performance. A built-in non-contact 16kB memory chip stores historical usage records and enables high-speed data searches. The chip is also used to diagnose drive or tape abnormalities.