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Matrox Introduces NRG

Matrox Video
(Image credit: Matrox Video)

MONTREAL, Quebec—Matrox has introduced Matrox NRG, a new multi-output redundant power supply unit (RPSU) that is designed to ensure uninterrupted uptime for Matrox encoders, decoders, IP KVMs, and multi-monitor controllers. 

NRP features two hot-swappable power supply modules and IP connectivity for status monitoring and output control and is built to maintain high-performance encoding, streaming, recording, decoding, extension, switching, and display operations in 24/7 and mission-critical environments.

Matrox NRG includes two field-replaceable redundant power supply modules of 300W each, with hot-swap functionality to replace an individual power module without interrupting the 12-volt outputs. 

The automatic load balancing ensures even usage of both power supplies, extending their service life. The NRG 1U, ½ rack, pre-installed unit powers up to five Matrox appliances simultaneously, while the NRG dual-density RPSU option supports up to ten Matrox appliances.

"Matrox NRG is a failsafe component that enhances the robustness of many of our devices, a necessary requirement for many of the projects where our products are installed," said Daniel Maloney, technical marketing manager at Matrox Video. "Further, for installations that require multiple devices, the multi-output capability provides redundancy, ensuring maximum uptime of high-quality video delivery and display without consuming valuable rack space."

The Matrox NRG single-density and NRG dual-density redundant power supply units are now available. 

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