Masstech’s Kumulate Gets Storefront, Content Acquisition Portals

Kumulate Gateway (Image credit: Masstech)

WHITELEY, U.K.—Masstech is adding two new modules to its Kumulate video storage management platform, the Kumulate Gallery web-based storefront and the Kumulate Gateway content acquisition portal.

Kumulate Gallery provides a platform to display and sell content. It utilizes user-defined attributes to automatically publish content to the relevant storefront, allowing users to reach B2B and B2C audiences. Customers can browse, preview and purchase through the web store-style interface, which can be customized and branded.

The Kumulate Gateway is designed to streamline the content acquisition process by providing a single location for content submissions and automating the compliance-check process. Customizable settings enable Gateway to automatically reject or approve content and send notifications to a supplier. A dashboard provides visibility of assets and their status. Kumulate Gateway can approve content to be submitted to Kumulate workflows such as transcode, relocation to deep storage and distribution to other departments or locations.

Masstech is now offering virtual demos of the Kumulate Gallery and Gateway modules. For more information, visit Masstech’s website