Marshall POV Camera Gets USB Capability

(Image credit: Marshall Electronics)

TORRANCE, Calif.—Marshall Electronics is introducing a new version of its CV503 line of POV cameras, the CV503-U3. This new model is a dedicated USB 3.0 HD POV camera for working with USB-based workflows for both work-from-home and remote live streaming appliances.

The CV503-U3 features a lockable 6.5-foot USB 3.0 cable for simultaneous power and video capture, interchangeable lenses and adjustable settings via UVC1.5 for switching between soft codecs. It provides plug-and-play connectivity through capture device drivers already built into Mac, PC, laptop of Linux systems, as well as a software agnostic design to  integrate into any USB capture soft codec.

The camera comes with a CVM-5 monitor/desktop stand, but can adapt to any 1/4-inch-20 mount type for custom installations. It also has a 90-degree lens, plus interchangeable lens function.

The CV503-U3 is designed for use with video conferencing, video chat, streaming or other computer video capture services, including Zoom, Skype, OBS Studio, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet.

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