Manfrotto Introduces 360-Degree Virtual Reality Range

UPPDER SADDLE RIVER, N.J.—Manfrotto is adding to its stock of support products with a new range of 360-degree virtual reality based products. Among the type of products being offered for VR support are bases, accessories and extension booms.

VR Aluminum Base

The Manfrotto equipment is designed to allow videographers to capture entire scenes around the camera. The VR bases provide stable support and are compact as to not show in 360-degree shot; Manfrotto offers the bases in a variety of sizes and materials.

The company’s VR boom extensions maximize camera height when required. They can be connected to all the bases in the Manfrotto VR range. In addition, the accessories for the VR range are compatible with all products in the range, including the 360Rize VR rig.

The full VR range consists of the VR Super Clamp, VR Mini Tripod Kit, VR Aluminum Base, VR Pump Cup W/Spigot Adapter, VR Carbon Fiber Boom Small, VR Adjustable Dolly, VR Carbon Fiber Boom Medium, VR Aluminum Base With Half Ball, VR Panoramic Head, VR Carbon Fiber Boom Large, and VR Carbon Tripod.