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Lynx Technik Introduces Yellobrik Rack Controller

Lynx Technik RCT 1012
(Image credit: Lynx Technik)

WEITERSTADT, Germany—Lynx Technik unveiled its new RCT 1012 rack controller to make it simple to control, configure and update the yellobrik line of throw-down bricks.

The new rack controller allows a facility to combine control tasks for up to 12 yellobriks housed in a yellobrik rack. The controller, which uses a single slot in a yellobrik rack system, eliminates the time-consuming job of updating, configuring and setting parameters one at a time for individual yellobrik modules by enabling bulk updates.

Upon installation, the rack controller automatically detects the USB-connected yellobrik modules and displays them in the APPolo software. Users can quickly visualize, control and configure all yellobriks via the controller’s Ethernet port connection.

Once in an RFR 1000-1 yellobrik rack frame, the controller also detects status information on the primary and redundant power supplies.

LYNX Technik plans to ship the RCT 1012 yellobrik rack controller in February.

More information is available on the company’s website.

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