LTN Global Presents Universal Media Ecosystem

LTN Flex (Image credit: LTN Global)

LTN Global, following a number of 2019 acquisitions that included Niles Media Group, Make.TV and Crystal Corporation, is ready to bare the fruits of those deals this spring in the form of its universal media technology ecosystem, which includes LTN Production, LTN Control, LTN Channel Management and LTN Transport.

LTN Production is a fully managed, centralized production services system developed from integrating Niles Media into LTN. As part of the LTN Production umbrella, LTN Flex supports end-to-end centralized production so users can create, command and transport content. LTN Production is available as a stand-alone service or as a complement to other LTN offerings.

The LTN Control comes from working with the Make.TV brand and is a live video cloud service that enables browser-based routing of live video feeds for content aggregation, publishing and distribution. The system allows users to acquire unlimited concurrent live feeds from professional cameras, encoders, mobile devices, drones and online sources, and then curate and route these live signals within a continuous-playback multiview to unlimited outputs. The live signals can then be distributed simultaneously to online and on-premise destinations.

Developed with technology from the Crystal Corporation acquisition, LTN Channel Management helps broaden distribution reach with LTN Connect and LTN Cue systems that power content localization and personalization of ads in cable, satellite and OTT distribution. LTN Connect is a stand-alone platform, while LTN Cue is integrated within the LTN Network.

LTN Transport, meanwhile,  is built on LTN’s advanced algorithms for Dynamic Multicarrier Routing and Rapid Error Recovery for transmission of video from source to destination. It ensures less than 200ms ultra-low-latency global video transmission and 99.99% SLA-backed transport reliability, according to LTN.

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