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Logitek Launches Next-Generation IP Audio Routing System

At NAB, Logitek Electronic Systems announced the availability of the JetStream Mini IP-based audio routing/mixing system. The company also introduced the Pilot console.

Logitek JetStream Mini

The JetStream Mini is an IP-based audio router that provides full functionality for up to 24 faders in a single or multiple consoles in a single 2 RU enclosure. The unit is a configurable node that offers 64 channels of IP audio through five types of I/O cards offering mic preamps, analog inputs, analog outputs, digital inputs and digital outputs. The unit also provides GPI inputs and outputs, profanity delays, input metering and microphone processing.

Logitek also introduced the Pilot at the NAB Show. The Pilot is an inexpensive router-based audio control surface for broadcasting applications that is designed to complement the JetStream Mini IP audio router.

The Pilot surface is a modular system that provides up to 24 faders. Audio sources may be routed as desired to each of the Pilot’s faders; change buttons above each fader work in conjunction with a select knob to the side. Each fader may be independently assigned to a program bus or any of three auxiliary busses. In addition, a cue switch above each fader will route that fader’s source to a built-in cue speaker.

Projected availability for the Pilot is summer 2009; the JetStream Mini is available now.