LMG Finds Grass Valley Cameras Make Great HD Investment

ORLANDO, FLA.—As a nationwide supplier of video, audio, and lighting support services for Fortune 500 companies, we support thousands of live events and equipment integration projects each year among our three business units: show technology, systems integration, and concert touring.

There's not a day that goes by that we don't have a crew rushing out the door with a full complement of equipment that almost always includes several Grass Valley high-definition cameras.


As a 27-year veteran of the show technology business, I'm a big believer in giving our technicians the best tools with which to work their magic, so with our cameras, image quality is paramount. Past experience told me that Grass Valley makes one of the best quality cameras in the industry, always producing crisp and vivid imagery.

Another reason we continue to invest in Grass Valley cameras is that the company has a long history in the production business and makes reliable cameras.

We need cameras that can deliver on high expectations. Our client's shows can involve multi-camera systems, Web-casting, video conferencing, and high-resolution graphics, so the cameras have to stand up to the daily rigors of production, and in our experience; Grass Valley's products do every time.


Many of the corporate events we support are now displayed on LED screens. So when we shopped for our latest round of cameras, we knew that we wanted a CMOS sensor-based product, having learned from experience that CMOS sensors don't produce the irritating moiré effects on the LED screens that we often get with CCD cameras.

The Grass Valley LDK 3000 camera works well for us, as it supports all 1080i50/60 and 720p50/60 HD formats, and is the perfect camera for use with a wide variety of our clients.

The LDK 3000 includes many nice features that we really enjoy, including three 2/3-inch, 2.4 million pixel CMOS imagers that include Double Digital Sampling and dual integrated A/D converters, which are used to create high-quality, razor-sharp pictures. The camera also features an advanced selectable color matrix.

We looked at several cameras before deciding on our latest Grass Valley models.

We also needed a camera that was LED-friendly. In our opinion, the LDK 3000 is the best price performer in the LDK Series from Grass Valley. (We considered their LDK 8000, but knew that most of our clients wouldn't need the extra features.)

Also, the viewfinders and recording backs on our existing LDK 6000 and the LDK 3000 systems are interchangeable, which makes it convenient for us to mix-and-match accessories when necessary.

We are always looking for manufacturers that will give us the best value proposition for our investment. In the case of cameras, it is clear that Grass Valley is that company. Our clients want a 1080i/720p image that looks great on their big screens, and Grass Valley delivers.

As the LMG's owner/operator, I have to ensure that each of our three divisions always provides innovative video, audio and lighting solutions and technical expertise that exceeds our customer's expectations.

Les M. Goldberg is the owner and founder of LMG, Inc. He founded the business in 1984 at the age of 17. He may be contacted at info@lmg.net.

For additional information, contact Grass Valley at 800-547-8949 or visit www.grassvalley.com.