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Livestream offers live streaming video from a backpack

Web video company Livestream unveiled a new backpack, “Livepack,” that allows users to stream video directly to a Web site. The backpack includes six load-balanced 3G/EvDO modems that work over three carriers — AT&T, Verizon or Sprint. Video quality is up to 1Mb/s H.264.

The Livepack system includes a wireless hub that fits in a backpack. A user runs a FireWire cable from a digital camera to the Livepack, and then the video is sent wirelessly via one of the 3G networks to the user’s individual Livestream channel. The Livepack is available for monthly or year rental from Livestream. The year rental includes 30 hours of streaming time per month and all 3G telecom charges included.

Because it integrates with Livestream’s streaming video platform, Livepack does not require any additional re-encoding or server to reach its destination. Once the video reaches the Livestream content delivery network, the video is immediately streamed in the user’s Livestream player, as well as being captured and securely archived.

Services are offered two ways: a free option that runs SD video with ads from Livestream sponsors, and premium (paid) options from one channel and up to 10 channels.