Listen Technologies introduces in-ear receiver

Listen Technologies has introduced the LR-P11-216, a single-channel FM in-ear receiver. This product, manufactured by Phonak and distributed by Listen, provides discreet, indiscernible in-ear monitoring. It is designed for use with products such as Listen's 216 MHz FM transmitters, and is now shipping.

The LR-P11-216 is worn in the user's ear, making it ideal for applications where unseen cueing is essential. Its ergonomic shape allows for comfortable wearing even over extended periods. The unit operates over a range of 49.2ft-820.2ft from the transmitter, permitting the user to move about freely while still hearing cues clearly. Units are shipped from the factory pre-set to the frequency specified by the user. The receiver frequencies can be periodically changed with the Listen Technologies LA-P1-1 IPU accessory. Other accessories for cleaning and maintaining the in-ear receiver are also available.

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