Linear Acoustic Now Shipping 10-Channel TV Audio Processor

Linear Acoustic is now delivering its latest multichannel television sound processing device, the Aeromax 5.1. The processor was designed for television broadcasters making the transition to a digital transmission environment and can accommodate 10-channels of audio.

The device provides loudness control, upmixing and metadata management. It accepts 5.1 network audio, two-channel local generated sources and analog or digital auxiliary/EAS stereo audio.

"We've designed the Aeromax-5.1 to help broadcasters transition to digital as smoothly as possible", said Tim Carroll, president of Linear Acoustic. "The processing capabilities of the Aeromax-5.1 make it easier to deliver the consistent and compelling surround sound for television that viewers expect".

The unit provides correction for two-channel audio that is broadcast incorrectly signaled as 5.1, eliminating "image shift" that occurs as scene dialog moves from left and right channels to the center speaker when programs transition between two and 5.1 channel modes. It also allows separate of network and local audio sources to ensure a high-quality audio presentation for viewers.