Lindsey Optics Rolling Out Large Format Optical Viewfinder

(Image credit: Lindsey Optics)

LOS ANGELES—Lindsey Optics has pulled the curtain back on a new Large Format Viewfinder that provides optical through-the-lens viewing, with support for formats that range from Super 35 to Alexa 65.

The LF Viewfinder features interchangeable modules for tool-free format changes. There are three modules included in the LF package: Large Format (ARRI Alexa 65 and RED Monstro 8K), Full Frame (Sony Venice) and Super 35.

The Viewfinder also has an LPL lens mount and an LPL to PL adapter. The eyepiece provides diopter adjustment from -4 to +4. There are 1/4-20 attachment points at the base of the viewfinder, base of the handle extension and the handle base.

Additional features include an oak handle, a handle pivot knob for rosette adjustment, a handle extension with dovetail slide and an adjustable Kipp arm to secure the handle extension to the viewfinder.

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