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Leitch Launches Multicamera NLE with VelocityQ

Leitch is launching a new way to handle non-linear editing with multiple cameras.

With its VelocityQ, users can edit and record from several input sources, all at the same time, after which, the programs can be edited from the live feeds.

VelocityQ can perform edits using content on the shared network while the data is still being recorded. Additionally, sources can be switched while they are being viewed in real-time.

The "live non-linear multicamera" capabilities of the VelocityQ combine the efficiency and immediacy of a live switcher with the editing flexibility of the NLE, according to Brad Nogar, Leitch vice president and GM for post production. Nogar said that the system saves time because editing can be performed during shooting without having to wait for the completion of ingest of different camera angles.