Leightronix Introduces 'Total Backup' Automation Program

Holt, Mich.-based Leightronix has launched "Total Backup," a new media and system backup software application for the Leightronix Nexus, a specialized video server and television automation system. The new program allows immediate and regularly scheduled backups of digital media and critical Nexus system information.

The Total Backup program allows users to secure Nexus files and system data against loss. Users can select the areas they want to copy and create a redundant copy of all digital media and critical system information. Nexus uses external USB hard drive storage; up to four USB 2.0 external drives may be connected to the Nexus, providing up to one terabyte of online digital media storage. Total Backup can restore the data on any or all of the USB external hard drives and the internal memory.

Backups may be initiated by the user or scheduled for daily or weekly occurrences. Total Backup runs independently of the video server's Win Nexus scheduling and system management software. As a result, system backups do not interfere with on-air operations.

Total Backup will be provided with the Nexus beginning in November. Free software and firmware updates to include the Total Backup application will be available for registered Nexus users through the Leightronix Web site.