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LEIGHTRONIX Introduces New Video Server

At NAB2006, LEIGHTRONIX Inc. will debut the TCD/NX, a multichannel digital video file server that features advanced digital messaging and connects to external hard drive configurations via USB 2.0.

The server provides up to 32 playback channels and 16 record channels. Up to 16 TCD/NX servers can be configured for control by the company's TCD/IP control system. The architecture allows various drive configurations to be established and includes support for RAID file protection.

Playback channels in the TCD/NX system have dual functionality, as they can also decode MPEG video and audio streams. Each TCD/NX server features one record channel and two playout channels. The server provides simultaneous recording and playout functionalities.

Selectable bit rates and constant or variable bit rate encoding controls allow users to set video quality levels.

LEIGHTRONIX will be in Booth SU4593.