Leightronix Adds Storage to DDR

Leightronix, a manufacturer of digital video recording and playback products, recently expanded the storage capacity of its TCD R/P MPEG-2 digital video recorder to 160 GB, without increasing the cost of the unit. Since the TCD R/P uses variable rate MPEG-2 compression, the new disk drive increases recording time to an approximate capacity of 50 to 70 hours, depending on the bitrate.

The Leightronix TCD R/P is intended to be used in conjunction with the company's TCD-IP management and control system, which can integrate operation of multiple TCD P/Ps and other components such as DVD players and VCRs. Files with various bitrates can be recorded onto and played back from a single TCD R/P hard drive, with a maximum bitrate of 10 Mbps.