Lectrosonics Unveil Dual-Channel Diversity Slot Receivers

RIO RANCHO, N.M.—Lectrosonics has debuted its two new Digital Hybrid Wireless dual-channel diversity “slot” receivers, the SRc and SRc5P. Both receivers are designed for RF environments and come with Smart Tuning and SuperSlot compatibility.

The SRc and SRc5P units consist of two receivers built into a single, compact housing, and feature optional adaptors for video camera receiver slots and for standalone use. The two internal receivers can be operated separately, each using switching, antenna combining diversity, or in tandem with ratio diversity reception, according to Lectrosonics. The audio inputs can be either mixed internally or left separated for recording tracks or external mixing. The 5P version also allows dual channel operation for cameras with just a single audio channel slot.

Each unit features a wide tuning range of three standard Lectrosonics blocks or 76 MHz. Tuning steps of 100 kHz or 25 kHz allow for up to 3072 frequencies per band. Tracking front-end filters provide out-of-band rejection of RF noise. The receivers can be compatible with other Lectrosonics systems and other third-party wireless systems.

The SmarTune feature selects frequencies based on local scan data. Four frequency ranges are available: A1 (470-537 MHz), B1 (537-614 MHz), B2 (563-640 MHz) and C1 (614-691 MHz).

The SRc and SRc5P receivers are scheduled to be released in the second quarter of 2016. SRc will be priced at $3,080., while SRc5P will be available for $3,280.