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Lectrosonics DM812 selected to auto-mix AES technical program

Lectrosonics DM812 digital automatic matrix mixers have been selected to provide auto-mixing technology for the technical program panel discussions during the 127th AES Convention, Oct. 9-12, at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center. These various panel discussions, workshops, presentations and white papers address leading-edge issues in pro audio and all are recorded for later use by the AES.

During the convention, five DM812 automixers were inserted in-line between the microphones and mixing console — one for each panel discussion room. The DM812 processors can auto-mix up to eight channels while increasing gain before feedback in unattended operation, freeing the house A/V technicians to focus on other issues.

Henry Cohen, AES Live Sound co-chairman, said, “These panel discussions provide tremendous information for attendees, so being able to clearly hear the panelists is crucial. Equally significant, as an organization of audio professionals, AES should be at the forefront of delivering superior audio quality. The Lectrosonics DM Series processors are well-known for their performance attributes, so they were clearly the product of choice for these important sessions.”

The DM812’s basic architecture consists of eight mic/line inputs and 12 outputs with a full DSP-based crosspoint matrix that enables every input to be routed to any or all outputs. Following the A-D conversion at each input, the signal passes through multiple DSP filters, automatic digital feedback eliminator, a compressor and a digital delay. In the matrix, gain is adjustable from -69db to 20dB in 1dB steps at each crosspoint. Each of the 12 outputs provides a digital delay, multiple DSP filters and a compressor/limiter.

Howard Kaufman, Lectrosonics’ greater New York area technical representative, coordinated delivery of the equipment to the show. “We’re delighted to see our products being used in this capacity,” he said. “It’s very gratifying to be a vital part of the AES panel discussions.”