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Leader announces new monitoring software

At IBC2008, Leader is introducing Cinezone luminance monitoring software that allows program makers to evaluate their composition without having to resort to unfamiliar technical displays or measurements.

Conventional waveform measurement is limited to one full line of video, but Cinezone offers real-time pixel accuracy across the entire image, the company said. It augments the full range of troubleshooting functionality found in Leader test instrumentation.

Cinezone uses the color spectrum to represent luminance values on an otherwise normal and recognizable picture. It allows quick and easy confirmation of luminance levels without complicated waveform representations. Levels over the adjustable maximum are displayed in white, highlights in red, midgreys in green, shadows in blue and levels under the adjustable minimum in black.

Cinezone can be viewed as one of four simultaneous test images on Leader’s LV5800 studio monitor. It is also available on the LV5380 and LV5330 portable instruments, which will be introduced at IBC2008. Production of documentaries and movies can be equally assisted with these innovative and time-saving tools.

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