LaCie DataShare reader converts SD and microSD cards into USB flash keys

French computer hardware manufacturer LaCie has introduced DataShare, a new way to access the data from both SD and microSD cards. DataShare easily converts information on SD and microSD cards into the more accessible USB format. By inserting SD and microSD cards into the corresponding LaCie DataShare slot, a USB-ready storage key is instantly created. On a more basic level, DataShare provides a quick and easy way to access card information on computers lacking a direct reader for these formats.

DataShare is hot swappable and driver free, without any practical limit to the amount of data accepted. The two delineated sides of the DataShare help easily organize data. Both sides have high-speed USB transfer rates of up to 480MB/s. The SD and microSD connectors on the DataShare are push/push for durability and high reliability. DataShare is compatible with SD and microSD cards from Class 1 to Class 6 and works equally well with most Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.