L1 Radio and TV orders two Studer Vista 8 digital production consoles

Dutch broadcaster L1 Radio and TV has placed an order for two Studer Vista 8 digital production consoles.

One console will be installed into a new 5.1 audio post-production suite being designed by London-based Munro Associates in L1's new building in Maastricht. The other will be integrated into L1's outside broadcast unit.

L1's new post-production studio will provide a variety of services, including audio post-production for video, radio and television design and production of commercials, CD/DVD production (5.1), and the mixing of multi-track recordings.

The studio also will be used as a control room for RTV live broadcasts or recordings of events in the media cafe at L1. The Vista will play serve as a live broadcast mixing console and a post-production system in combination with Pro-Tools HD. L1 expects its new building to be operational in the first quarter of 2005. At the same time, another Studer Vista 8 will be installed in the outside broadcast unit. It will be built to the same specification as the studio console.

For more information, visit www.studer.ch.

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