Kulabyte Releases Version 1.0 of Its Professional Encoder

Audio and video processing technologies provider Kulabyte has shipped the Kulabyte Professional Version 1.0, which the company said is the fastest video encoding solution in the industry.

The company said in a release that product presents “a new paradigm for video encoding, as it is the first to leverage the power of multicore video processing.” Kulabyte said that this enables delivery of cross-platform content with noticeably improved picture quality and bandwidth savings.

The Kulabyte Professional Encoder is based on the company’s patent-pending TimeSlice video encoding technology, which, it said, enables “faster-than-real-time video encoding while utilizing industry standard codec engines.”

Using Kulabyte Professional Release 1.0, media creators can encode, and distribute digital content at speeds more than 12 times faster than industry-standard codec times at comparable prices, according to the company.

Kulabyte offers a 30-day trial period for the Kulabyte Professional release 1.0 product, and will be priced at $5,500 for the standard 4-core version with optional VP6 for Flash 8 support for $1,500 more.