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KTLA upgrades news copter HD encoder with Telairity BC8100

KTLA-TV in Los Angeles has completed switching over its helicopter news transmissions to HD MPEG-4 using the Telairity BC8100 H.264/AVC HD encoder.

Mounted aboard Sky5 HD, the station's flagship news helicopter, the BC8100 encoder helped KTLA switch its compression technology from MPEG-2 to the MPEG-4 format. The Telairity encoder is expressly designed for aerial news vehicles, including helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft.

KTLA turned to Telairity to design a new MPEG-4 HD encoder: a natural extension of the company equipping the station's fleet of 10 live ENG ground vehicles with Telairity's BH8100 HD MPEG-4 encoders. KTLA broadcasts more than eight hours of live studio and field news per day, and virtually all of it in HD.

The BC8100 encoder upgrades video quality while lowering the transmission data rate from 18Mb/s to 12Mb/s.