KRNV-TV captures balloon race live in HD

The Reno, NV, station relied on microwave equipment from RF Central to capture live HD ENG shots for its production of the event.
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KRNV-TV News 4 in Reno, NV, broadcast “Hare & Hound: Hunting Balloon-Style,” Sept. 7-9 in HD using microwave transmit and receive equipment from RF Central.

Employing four RFX-CMT-II camera-mounted transmitters and four RFX-RMR-II rack-mount receivers, more than 100 hot air balloons were captured as they filled the Nevada skies. Each set of four was deployed along with KRNV’s HD field cameras to transmit video and audio wirelessly back to its central receive point based in the station’s satellite production van.

In the more than 17 years KRNV has televised the balloon race, 2007 marked the first year the station was able to acquire HD images directly from the field for live broadcast.

“The missing link in our HD broadcast has always been how to get live field acquisition to the station for broadcast,” said David Feher, director of engineering for KRNV parent company Sunbelt Communications.

The new CMT-IIs and RMR-IIs provided the solution, allowing the station to transmit an intact HD signal from remote cameras so HD quality could be maintained during the live broadcast, he said.

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