Kramer expands Sierra Pro XL line with the 64 XL series

Kramer Electronics has introduced the Sierra Pro 64 XL, the newest series of models in its line of high-bandwidth RGBHV routing switchers designed for use in demanding presentation environments.

The new Sierra Pro 64 XL series offers eight I/O configurations, up to 64 x 64. The switcher can be ordered as a five-channel (RGBHV) or three-channel (RGB/YUV) system, and each frame size can also contain high-bandwidth video boards in place of the H and V boards, enabling video input into all channels of the routing switcher. Sierra Pro 64 XL routing switchers feature an ultra-high bandwidth of 500MHz at 3dB fully loaded and a compact total frame size that is 10RU smaller than most other 64 x 64 RGBHV units in the market. The RGBHV version of the Sierra Pro 64 XL consists of five 4RU frames, one each for the red, green, blue, horizontal and vertical sync signals, with one of the five frames containing an X-Y push-button control panel.

The Sierra Pro 64 XL series offers a room grouping capability, which enables several inputs to be grouped and operated independently of other groups on the switcher. This feature allows one router to be used for multiple rooms, so the control system for each room addresses only the inputs and outputs assigned to that room. They are all equipped with an RJ-45 connector for IP (Ethernet) control over LAN or WAN, an RS-232 serial interface and they are compatible with the full range of Sierra Video hardware and software control options including the SCP programmable control panels and Tylinx router control software. These units also all have standard dual power supplies for true redundancy protection.

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