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Kramer compact transmitter/receiver sends HDMI over Cat 5/6 cable

Kramer Electronics has introduced its PT-571 and PT-572 twisted-pair transmitter and receiver for HDMI signals. The PT-571 and PT-572 can transmit HDMI signals directly over a single Cat 5/6 cable (shielded twisted-pair cables are recommended). The PT-571 and PT-572 offer a compact and inexpensive solution for HDMI signal transmission over long distances.

The PT-571 converts an HDMI signal into a signal that can be run over shielded twisted-pair Cat 5/6 cables. An HDMI signal can be transmitted up to 295ft (90m) at 1080i resolution and up to 98ft (30m) at 1080p resolution when using Kramer shielded BC-DGKat524 cable. When using Kramer BC-DGKat623 cable, the 1080p distance capability increases to 230ft (70m). The PT-572 receiver then converts the signal back to an HDMI signal. The units offer up to 1.65Gb/s bandwidth and are HDCP compliant and HDTV compatible.

The PT-571 and PT-572 each incorporate an LED status light, which lights red when receiving power only, orange when input and power are attached and yellow when both an active input and output are attached. The PT-571 and PT-572 pass the EDID, HPD and CEC signals from the source to the display device over the Cat 5/6 cable together with the HDMI signal. The PT-571 employs Kramer’s Power Connect feature where a single connection to the transmitter powers both units. The required 12V DC is transmitted through the Cat 5/6 cable with the other signals to the receiver.