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Kodak to Showcase Hybrid Post-Production System

Eastman Kodak will introduce the Kodak Vision2 HD System, a package of film and hybrid technologies. The system includes a specially designed, scan-only 16mm film for use with the latest transfer technology. The system also includes a Kodak digital processor that uses proprietary color science technology to adjust the scanned images for the designated film speed, color temperatures, as well as compensating for over- and under-exposure. The Kodak Display Manager System, another component, consists of calibration hardware and proprietary software that adjusts electronic display devices to emulate the look of film. Display Manager is also available standalone for Windows, Irix and Mac platforms.

The Vision2 HD System can also work with a version of the Kodak Look Manager System, which is available under a pay-per-use licensing model. Producers can buy a license key for the duration of a project. Trial versions are available to directors of photography.

The KODAK Telecine Calibration System 1002-V will also be featured in the Kodak booth, along with several types of Kodak film.

Kodak will display in Booth C6226.