KIT digital unveils KIT Social Program Guide

KIT digital has unveiled the KIT Social Program Guide (KIT SPG), its next-generation social TV system.

The KIT SPG integrates users’ social networks with their service provider’s electronic program guide, allowing viewers to enjoy a full range of social TV functions, as well as change the channel, through a single intuitive interface. It also offers support for cloud-based DVR functionality, seamless VOD store integration, and multiple e-commerce models and ad serving for advanced content monetization.

The KIT SPG is designed to ultimately replace the traditional on-screen electronic program guide plus TV remote control experience, while also integrating the social and second-screen functionality that today’s TV viewers demand. It enables a variety of popular user behaviors, including choosing shows based on social network recommendations; interacting with friends via Twitter, Facebook or proprietary social networks, and viewing additional information about content from sources such as IMDb, Rotten Tomatoes and Wikipedia.