KCSM-TV expands Omneon media storage

KCSM TV, in the San Francisco Bay Area, has expanded its Omneon media storage and processing platform with an Omneon MediaGrid active storage system, an Omneon MediaDeck server and additional HD/SD channels for an existing Omneon Spectrum playout server.

With increased storage, support for SD and HD and tighter integration within the station's production environment, the enhanced Omneon platform has allowed KCSM-TV to migrate away from tape-based operations and establish HD broadcast capabilities without investing in a new server system.

KCSM-TV expanded its system to accommodate eight HD/SD bidirectional channels and eight HD/SD playout channels, supported by automatic upconversion and operating under the control of Sundance automation. The new MediaGrid provides 240TB of raw storage. The station’s new MediaDeck supports live production with four bidirectional channels and 3TB of storage.