JVC’s DT-V Monitors Provide Workflow Results for J/KAM

BURBANK, Calif.—J/KAM Digital provides turnkey editorial solutions to media and entertainment post professionals. With more than 20 years of experience with rentals, edit suites and technical support services, we put our knowledge and experience to work for our clients to help them complete various network television, streaming and film projects. Some of our biggest clients include ABC, including “Jimmy Kimmel Live” and Marvel Television, and Fox, for which we provide edit packages.

J/KAM utilizes multiple DT-V monitors for to ensure consistency between its edit bays.

J/KAM utilizes multiple DT-V monitors for to ensure consistency between its edit bays.

Over the years, we’ve come to realize that an important piece of the post workflow is having a reliable monitor—specifically one with color accuracy. This is critical because footage is shot very systematically. It’s then processed in a daily’s facility with a color grader, which applies a certain look to the show, and subsequently goes to the editors who must ensure what they see on a monitor is what the DP envisioned. Having monitors that offer color-accurate pictures is crucial to a project. That’s why we standardized our entire fleet on JVC’s DT-V series of field/studio monitors. As far as reliability, price point, color accuracy, range of applications and company support, JVC and the DT-V series are light years ahead of other options.

We have a fleet of around 50 JVC DT-V series monitors—G1Z and G2Z, as well as the lower-cost DT-R models. When we’re managing 50-plus edit systems in various environments with different applications, it’s important to standardize our monitors from one vendor as this gives us a consistency between our edit bays. With JVC monitors, we know that our clients will never call to say that the monitor needs to be calibrated or that there’s an issue. It’s just one less thing to worry about, and also lowers our support overhead.


The DT-V series monitors offer several great, built-in features such as histogram, waveform, vector scope and zebra functions. Plus, JVC offers a utility that allows users to calibrate the monitor via a colorimeter probe. This allows us to run calibration on a consistent basis or as monitors come back from projects.

Aside from our in-house facility, we also provide editorial equipment that goes out on-location. We shipped an entire editing environment out to Brooklyn for “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” which included six JVC monitors, while also providing all the editorial gear for “Kimmel” here in Hollywood.

The monitors are being used in studios, editorial suites and field environments, so it was important that we sent units to New York that match the calibration of the in-studio monitors in Los Angeles. With the JVC DT-V series monitors, that objective is simple. It’s definitely no secret that the JVC DT-V series monitors are rock solid; all the best vendors use these monitors.

Erik Beauchamp has served as CTO of J/KAM Digital for more than a decade. Over the course of his 20-year career in the industry, Beauchamp has also held titles at Matchframe Video and LA Digital Post. To get in touch, contactsales@jkamdigital.com.

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