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JVC introduces new network video recorder

JVC has expanded its V.Networks lineup with the introduction of the VR-N900U, an integrated standalone network video recorder. The device records images from both analog and IP cameras over a digital IP network.

The VR-N900U, in a single box design, ships with preinstalled and licensed Milestone software that's configured to accept both analog and IP camera inputs. It works with all sized surveillance systems using conventional front panel controls, or with an optional keypad and mouse.

For large-scale, IP-based security systems, multiple VR-N900Us can be connected via network servers. In addition, the NVR operates as a standalone unit without the need for a PC and fits easily within an existing network infrastructure.

The VR-N900U records motion JPEG or MPEG-4 images up to 120fps at VGA 640 x 840 resolution. Images are stored on the built-in 250GB hard disk drive. Users also have the ability to install an additional internal 250GB hard drive.

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