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JVC GY-HM250 Cams Update Live Streaming Firmware

(Image credit: JVC)

WAYNE, N.J.—A firmware update from JVC will provide its GY-HM250 series cameras with new live streaming features, as well as provide other GY-HM models with a slew of new features, the company announced.

The firmware update for GY-HM250 4K camcorders will provide SNS video streaming with vertical and square guidelines on the viewfinder for capturing an image in either vertical (606x1080 and 404x702) and square (1080x1080 and 702x702) formats for a variety of platforms and devices. Direct streaming to YouTube Live is also now possible with GY-HM250 models, with the ability to schedule streaming start times. Additional features provided by the firmware update include a Multicamera Score Overlay feature for the GY-HM250SP 4KCAM, which enables users to duplicate score overlay information between the primary camera and up to three replica cameras.

The new firmware also provides Face-only Auto Focus for the GY-HM170, 180- and 250-series cameras. This allows users to select between a variety of face detection settings depending on the situation, like sensitivity, framing and whether the camera reacts to brightness or just to the face.

A Digital Image Stabilizer will also be available on all three camera models for HD mode. This will be in addition to the existing Optical Image Stabilizer for 4K, HD and high-speed modes.

In addition, an Auto-Color Matrix Adjustment is incorporated for use under LED stage lighting. When operating under “full auto,” the cameras can reproduce a natural color tone under LED, JVC says. A new Zoom Ease feature is also available, designed to reduce the speed change shock of the zoom operation with a gradual ramping up of the transition.

JVC says that the new firmware will be available as a free download from its website in the New Year. For more information, visit