JVC Firmware Update Brings Enhanced SRT Support to Connected Cam Camcorders

GY-HC900 (Image credit: JVC)

WAYNE, N.J.—JVC Professional Video has released new firmware upgrades for its GY-HC900 and GY-HC500 cameras, bringing SRT-focused enhancements to the Connected Cam camcorders, including network adaptive encoding, PCR fast mode and an SRT decoder for return video delivery via the internet, the company announced. The additions position JVC’s Connected Cam camcorders for remote integrated model (REMI) production.

The firmware update also adds a unique portrait mode with cropping to the GY-HC500 Series. The feature, added based on the request of users, is intended for those who stream to social networks like TikTok and Instagram Stories. One of five cropping positions can be selected prior to shooting, JVC said.

“The Connected Cam system provides a truly plug-and-play streaming ecosystem that does not require expensive backpacks,” said Joe D’Amico, vice president of JVC Professional Video.

“Building off the incorporated SRT open-source technology, we are able to continually provide firmware updates, ensuring that JVC cameras are a futureproof solution for an ever-evolving media landscape. With the latest upgrades to the GY-HC900 and GY-HC500 series cameras, our customers are afforded a wide array of functions to enhance their workflows.”

Support for Network Adaptive Encoding/Adaptive Bitrate Streaming enables the encoder to monitor network conditions and reduce bitrate when there’s network congestion or high packet loss. Combined with automatic repeat request (ARQ) and forward error correction, the feature makes SRT transport resilient to network congestion, data loss and high jitter, the company said.

The new PCR Fast Mode ensures glass-to-glass latency of less than one second when streaming to the JVC BR-DE900 decoder and SRT-capable video switchers, it said.

The new support for return video via the internet enables confidence monitoring on the cameras’ LCD electronic viewfinders, teleprompter support and two-way remote guest communication.

The firmware update for the GY-HC500 is available today as a free download. The new GY-HC900 series firmware is scheduled for mid-month.

More information is available on the company’s website.

Phil Kurz

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