July 2013 new products

Contemporary Research


HD-SDI modulator has evolved by the power of two: optional two-channel operation (with upgrade key), RF and IPTV outputs; features AC-3 and stereo audio, 708/608 and Line 21 captioning, two MTS language tracks, rackmounts two across, and adaptive encoding; accepts 3G SDI and SDI from 60Hz consumer cameras, as well as standard forms of SDI; full up/downscaling is available with an optional upgrade key; video inputs include SDI, Component and Composite/CC connections, and support embedded audio, coax and optical SPDIF plus stereo audio.


Digital Rapids
Stream V3.8

Software for StreamZ, StreamZHD and Flux ingest, encoding and streaming systems; advances in the new version include H.264 encoding support, expanded support for automated multiscreen advertising insertion workflows, and new predefined project files for transforming content for Netflix delivery; also features increased quality and performance for MPEG-2 encoding and improved DVCPRO output quality; supports the latest updated SCTE-1-4 specification and the HTTP Live Streaming protocol.


Blackmagic Design
Desktop Video 9.7.5

Software update adds full support for Adobe Creative Cloud software across the company’s desktop video products; allows users to take advantage of the many new features in the Adobe Creative Cloud desktop applications, such as powerful new editing timelines and shortcuts and audio mixing with Adobe Premiere Pro CC and new creative and visual effects tools with Adobe After Effects CC; also included is support for Adobe Mercury Transmit, which allows broadcast video monitoring to connect directly into the Mercury Playback engine; this gives an incredible amount of real-time effects with any video format or codec.


ProStream 9100

Real-time stream processor has been enhanced with linear ad splicing capabilities; new functionality enables service providers and broadcasters to frame-accurately insert targeted local and regional advertisements into broadcast programming delivered via MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 AVC SD/HD transport streams, increasing the average revenue per user; new splicing feature eliminates the need to decode a transport stream for insertion into regional advertising, simplifying a broadcaster’s workflow while maintaining the highest possible video quality.




New functionality of the HVS-390HS video production switcher is an extension of the aux bus system that allows operators to deploy any aux bus transition with cuts, mixes or wipes, and display a keyer complete with DVE functions; is now offered as a standard feature of the HVS-390HS; brings the power of a virtual 6 M/E switcher in a 2 M/E unit; can be independently controlled or operated from a master/slave configuration; can also follow any bus on 1 or 2 M/E, making the switcher easy for a single user.



Semi-shoulder mount XDCAM camcorder combines the benefits of ½-type Exmor Full HD 3CMOS sensor technology with 50Mb/s HD recording at MPEG HD422; adapts easily to a range of commercial shooting environments; includes Sony’s advanced signal processing technology to suppress noise effectively and create noticeably clearer images; its high bit rate is designed to ensure excellent capture of fast-moving objects, while its chroma subsampling feature is ideal for a wide range of video encoding areas such as VFX and green-screen applications.


TC Electronic

TouchMonitor TM7

Loudness meter for mobile trucks and small installations where space is an issue; accepts all SD, HD and 3G formats available on the market; features a 3G SDI interface (including SDI loop through); additional features include four digital AES3 inputs (eight channels) and four digital AES3 outputs (eight channels) via a D-sub connector; internal routing matrix offers great flexibility and includes routing SDI to AES, optionally using the meter as an SDI to AES converter while measuring the signal simultaneously.


Sound Devices
788T Version 3.0

Software update offers 788T users a 192kHz sampling rate for up to four tracks (L through B) recording to one drive; provides for scene, take, notes, false takes, circle and track name metadata to be synched between C-Linked 788Ts; features digital input limiters for AES3 and AES42 inputs, perfect for digital microphones; additional enhancements include a left/right tone identification mode with a shortcut to toggle the mode on or off, added user-customizable CL-9 encoder adjustments, and the option to decode MS into LR MIX only and leave ISO tracks as undecoded MS.


TriCaster 40 V.2

Complete HD multi-camera video production studio is designed to enable anyone to create professional streaming television on a small budget; version 2 provides unprecedented access to the same production capabilities used by major networks, including customizable animated transitions and effects, network-style titles and graphics, and improved file interoperability; operators can enhance the viewing experience with new video formats, recording options and session resolutions to reach more viewers on the platforms they watch.


Triveni Digital

StreamScope Portal

Portable, tablet-based MPEG analysis and monitoring tool; leveraging the unit’s ultra-personalized form factor and a variety of dongle-based input options, users can cost-effectively perform real-time, file-based MPEG-2/MPEG-4 analysis and remote monitoring of DTV transport streams on GigE networks and other key interfaces to ensure compliance with industry standards and deliver a high quality of service to viewers; also acts as a gateway into other Triveni Digital products, including GuildeBuilder 5.0 and StreamScope analyzers and remote monitoring devices.


TV One

CORIOmaster mini

Compact all-in-one videowall processor fits up to 12 high-density universal DVI or HDBaseT ports within a 1RU frame; this allows users to design full-scale 3 x 3 video walls while eliminating a rack’s worth of discrete video components; designed to save up to 10X the power required to drive complex video walls; CORIO Parallel Video Processing Architecture tightly joins patented CORIO video engines with up to 10 independent video processors; this design supports 26 billion video matrix calculations per second.


Visionary Solutions (VSI)

H.264 and MPEG-2 based decoder supports SDI (3G/HD/SD), HDMI and DVI outputs with resolutions from 480i up to 1080p60; designed to bridge the gap between expensive IRDs and consumer STBs, offering IPTV operators an end-to-end solution for streaming 1080p60 video and audio content affordably; supports the company’s encoder series; features a high-density, compact design that enables it to be housed in the same MP1700 or MPP200 chassis system as other VSI blade encoders, reducing operational costs and rackspace requirements.


MuraControl 2.0 for Windows

Video wall management software enables precise remote or local control of Mura MPX-powered video walls; blending videos and images with the desktop, a background image or another video is now possible by setting transparency levels for one or more windows; other key new features include the addition of local inputs and control over them, source touring, and scheduling functionality.




Digital matrix mixer is the next generation of the company’s SmartMixer family of automatic mixers; is a microprocessor-controlled, programmable, automatic-switching eight-channel matrix mixer; keeps the number of open microphones to a minimum, thus reducing background noise, feedback and other distractions, and increasing clarity and audio quality while providing instant, transparent switching between channels; features “correlation,” which analyzes and interprets redundancy of source material between channels in real time and may in turn favor the dominant channel, simplifying the layout/output and reducing feedback, phase issues, etc.


PlayBox Technology
AirBox 4.1

New features of the master playout automation system for TV channel playout include support for AVC Intra for MOV and MXF containers, support for MXF with multiplexed DV/DVCPRO HD, support for playback of files located on network storage, support for Intel MB based GPU acceleration for H.264 stream encoding, and support for playback of files shorter than four seconds.