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Juice Goose introduces Juice Box 6

Power distribution experts Juice Goose has introduced the JuiceBox 6, a floor-mounted power extender with a heavy-duty 25ft cord terminating in six power receptacles. The JuiceBox also features a seventh, unswitched outlet on the side of its chassis. A thermal circuit breaker prevents current overloads, allowing brief periods of high power demand while still preventing dangerous, excessive current draw. The circuit breaker is housed on the side of the chassis, along with a lighted rocker switch controlling power to the six main outlets.

The JuiceBox 6 is designed to provide the functionality of a power strip well outside the confines of a rack space, with the ruggedness and reliability required in professional applications. The chassis is made of 16-gauge cold rolled steel with a powder-coated finish. The JuiceBox is available in two models, rated at 15A and 20A capacity. Both weigh 9lb and carry the Juice Goose three-year warranty.