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Jünger Audio introduces Upmix function to Level Magic 5.1 Suite

Jünger Audio has begun shipping its Level Magic 5.1 solution for controlling loudness in production and broadcast with the new Upmix functionality. The company’s C8000 Level Magic system incorporates a suite of DSP and interface cards that enable it to manage surround-sound and Dolby-coded 5.1 audio signals in production, ingest and playout. These include HD/SDI de-embedding/embedding with VANC, Dolby E resynchronization with built-in video delay and Dolby metadata generation.

The introduction of the Upmix functionality effectively completes the chain, making it possible for broadcasters to resolve the interrupted surround-sound feeling while reproducing mono and stereo sources as well as maintain Upmix loudness consistency compliant with dialnorm and ITU specifications. The Upmix function takes a mono or stereo signal and filters the ambient information and spectral composition to create a proper 5.1 upmix.