J.F. Broadcasting relies on Harris DTP-300 to streamline workflow

J.F. Broadcasting has begun using the Harris Digital Turnaround Processor DTP-300 to localize encoded network feeds carried by two of its TV stations — KWSD-DT and KAUN-DT serving Sioux Falls, SD, — without leaving the compressed domain.

The DTP-300 compressed stream server lets J.F. Broadcasting insert local commercials and infomercials directly into its stations’ compressed ASI network feeds as they’re received via satellite in real time. With the DTP-300, all signals remain in the compressed domain without the need to decode them to baseband SDI and subsequently re-encode them.

The DTP-300 has an on-board server that runs a playlist working in conjunction with SCTE-35 triggers to insert pre-encoded content into the compressed program stream frame. Content insertion occurs accurately, without operator intervention or monitoring.

For more information, visit www.harris.com.