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JDSU to spotlight DTS-330 broadcast test platform

JDSU will spotlight its DTS-330 broadcast test platform at the 2009 NAB Show. The one-box solution provides multiple application modules that are easily configured to fit any test scenario. Users need only purchase the capabilities currently required, adding supplementary capabilities as new testing demands arise.

The DTS-330 provides continuous real-time monitoring and analysis of all transport stream data: PIDs, PCR/PTS timing, programs/channels, network information, conditional access, full PSI/SI/PSIP table and descriptor analysis, and complete private table decode at input data rates of up to 214Mb/s.The platform also provides continuous real-time creation and emulation of a test stream, offering output data rates of 214Mb/s.

The platform offers complete recording of transport streams with the original timing information for accurate playback and post-analysis. It also offers complete playout of transport streams using the original timing parameters. It performs continuous loop operation and playout from memory at up to 214Mb/s.