JBL Pro introduces subcompact addition to VerTec Line Array Series

At the recent PLASA show in London, JBL Professional introduced the smallest version yet of its VerTec series of line array systems. The VT4886 is a passive three-way, high-directivity line array element designed for pairing with the newVT4883 cardioid-arrayable subwoofer. Incorporating innovative acoustical technologies and purpose-built transducers, they are designed for stand-alone use and are also compatible with other existing VerTec models.

Designed for portable sound rental companies and venue installations, the new VT4886 and VT4883 subcompact models are suitable for use in a broad range of suspended-array, ground-based and fill speaker applications, with a comprehensive range of accessories planned. Its compact size also makes the VT4886 useful for front fill or under-balcony use. VT4886 line array elements can deployed for FOH, offstage fill, stereo in-fill, center cluster or delay cluster use. Integral suspension hardware enables the quick, secure assembly of variable-curvature vertical arrays with adjustable splay angles from 0 to 15 degrees, or modular, constant-curvature horizontal line arrays, following JBL’s mechanical design established with larger models in the VerTec family.

The VT4886 features eight transducers with 10 separate voice coils. A proprietary mid/high-frequency waveguide seamlessly integrates MF and HF section output in JBL’s Radiation Boundary Integrator technology, ensuring precise control and proper interenclosure vertical coupling. Twin 1in exit high-frequency compression drivers are mounted on a precision dual-aperture assembly that includes geometric path-length compensation to ensure optimal twin-driver exit summation. The unit also includes four 2.5in midrange transducers with neodymium magnets, combined with the high-frequency drivers in the new proprietary, integrated mid/high waveguide assembly.

A pair of new 2166H 6.5in low-frequency component transducers using Differential Drive technology establishes a robust low-frequency foundation for the VT4886. With a maximum SPL capability of 131db continuous, 137dB peak, the VT4886 has a nominal horizontal coverage of 110 degrees and a frequency range of 70Hz–20kHz. The enclosure measures 22.7in x 7.75in x 10.25in and weighs 35lbs.

The VT4883 companion subwoofer is optimized for use with the VT4886, incorporating two of JBL’s new 2263H-1 12in long-excursion Differential Drive low-frequency components. The VT4883 is equipped with reverse-arrayable suspension hardware and an auxiliary input connector on the front grill, making it easily reversible to create cardioid subwoofer arrays. The VT4883 has a frequency range of 35Hz–600Hz (-10dB) and handles 133dB continuous, 139dB peak SPL. Dimensions measure 22.72in x 15.62in x 25.24in, and the enclosure weighs 68lbs.